Assignment 1: Compliance Project Management

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Compliance Project Management
Through a collaborative endeavor amongst the DC Water Major Projects Compliance Team, represented by L.S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. (LSC), the M/WBE Contracting and Local Employment Compliance efforts have continued. During the month of July 2015, the Compliance Team was faced with the ongoing challenges of ensuring subcontractor firms are receiving proper utilization and payments while also ensuring site workers are being treated appropriately while receiving the proper compensation. Through such efforts, LSC has continued to remain successful in preventing additional major compliance infractions as the month has progressed. Such Compliance advisory services are particularly relative to the following projects: ENR 2C, ENR North FTF, and TDPS. As always, monitoring activities and Project Management duties have included the continuance of the monthly contracting reports, site visits and certified payroll reviews. Monthly Compliance reports to DC Water have included the following: 1).DC Water Expanded, 2). DC Water Rollup reports, 3). Additional Employment Data Report as requested by DC Water’s Department of Engineering and Technical Services. Compliance administration including: monitoring and tracking Subcontractor Approval Requests (SARs) values awarded, change order value
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In continuance of bridging the gap associated with meeting compliance goals, the CO stays vigilant to discover subcontracts that are performing below the M/WBE goals. Such discoveries assist in recommending additional areas in which M/WBE firms may be utilized to bridge such gaps. In doing so, LSC’s intent is to assist the prime contracting firms with sourcing and securing qualified M/WBE firms that may assist in meeting DC Water’s compliance

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