Complex Systems Theory System Theory Essay

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Our body as we know it is a complex system as well as the class room environment where skill learning takes place. This is due to the multiple moving parts inside the systems. Complex systems also have other facets to them such as having multiple levels to them, having attractor states to do things in certain ways, having self-emergent discovery, affordances constraints, as well as things working together independently but together as a whole. Our bodies being complex as well as the class room have made teaching become a complex system. There for non-linear teaching is necessary for the outcome we want, as for the students to learn the right skills they need to be partaking in specific games (TGFU) to get anything out of the games.

Complex systems-dynamical systems theory
Dynamical system theory states that movement patterns emerge through generic processes of self-organisation found in physical and or biological systems such as a body moving through space it has multiple levels to its movement as the process are not broken up but are in fact working together. In the micro level the body is walking but in the macro level the different systems are at work such as the nervous system muscle system and the cardiovascular system.
In the physical sense it is like a player playing in a game of football with the player being the macro level but the whole team being the micro level. The player though an individual was also part of the team and the team cannot operate as it would…

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