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CERTIFICATE Candidate report template
(2009 specification)


Student number:

Location: Date of review:

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place

This report follows an inspection of the building and yard located in ……. in order to meet the requirements of the Nebosh NGC 3 practical application.

The areas concerned with this inspection are the works building and one store in the yard and its immediate surrounding area.

The building consists of a canteen area, an office for admin duties, two toilets, a locker
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Many of the hazards found were as a result of a lapse in general Health and Safety management and many of the observations could be rectified by simple maintenance and tidying up of the building and yard. This is a very low cost practice which in turn could improve the Health and Safety of the workforce.

The employees have all had a very good level of workplace specific Health and Safety training with certificates on display on the notice board. However this training counts for little if it is not put into practice on a daily basis. It appears there have also been many bad habits picked up over the years such as poor general housekeeping.

Employers and employees should take pride in a clean and safe workplace and it also sets a good example to any visitors or potential clients. A safe workplace will also reduce the risk of accidents and ill health to employees and in the long run save money from unnecessary claims, losses of production and a poor corporate image.


|Recommendation |Likely resource implications |Priority |Target date |
|Fire exit door should remain free |PPE to be removed from exit area and signs to |High |Immediate |
|from obstructions at all times.(1) |be erected advising to keep

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