Case Study: Sonic Drive-In

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Compeve Intelligence PaperDrive-In use their structure and business model, and so they must follow by using their products, brands, logos, and promotions (Entrepreneur 2016). Sonic Drive-In is located mostly on the East Coast as mentioned before, but it is slowly progressing throughout the U.S and the West Coast and are interesting in spreading out geographically in order to continue growing. Although Sonic Drive-In and its affiliated organizations use an exclusive business structure and model, they all use the same marketing, branding, and recipes, but they use various distribution methods. Using an exclusive market exposure Sonic Drive-In is ensuring that all locations are spread out geographically as to not interfere with one another 's …show more content…
The appropriate level of exposure fulfills customer needsand makes sure to never exceed these needs because doing so would lead to decreased profits and increased total cost. PromotionSonic Drive-In is a family of leading trademarked products that strives to offer superior characteristics, taste, and services for all. Sonic Drive-In uses advertising campaigns, sales promotions and publicity to promote each of the their most iconic brands. (Sonic Drive-In, 2015)Sonic Drive-In uses direct, competitive advertising in their ad operations in order to better appealto all customers. Through direct, competitive advertising, Sonic Drive-In is able to expand their product to a new audience and obtain 606 million in sales for last year according to an article by the Food Business News.Advertising campaigns8
Compeve Intelligence PaperOne of the most noteworthy Sonic Drive-In advertising campaigns was the “Those
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Kids are more likely to excited and can not wait to visit a Sonic Drive-In restaurant again.PublicityOne of the widespread ways Sonic Drive-In publicly releases their information is throughtext messages. “Sonic Drive-In offers their consumers exclusive offers and their latest news fromlocally convenient restaurants” (ThisIsHowYouSonic). Mobile marketing is still rather fresh, but as smartphones and tablets popularity grows higher every second, advertisers are concentrating more on its potential.Text message marketing is a huge tool for attaining customers instantaneously,because it 's able to reach them the fastest and easiest. One of the most critical rules of text message promotion is that all companies must first gain consent from consumers to communicatewith them through text. Customers can opt to receive Sonic Drive-In offers just easily as they could opt out. It is exceptionally efficient for linking with Sonic Drive-In’s very loyal and active customers who are considering to engage with their products. By adding targeted messaging, Sonic Drive-In can involve themselves in a more applicable and tailored contact with their buyers, that eventually ends in a broaden selling promotion.An article in the New York Times comprehensively studied the earlier mentioned “Those Two Guys” campaign that Sonic Drive-In ran. “Sonic Drive-In used social media into their promotion

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