Competitive Strategic Management a Case Study of Virgin Atlantics

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Introduction: 3
Competitive strategy of Virgin Atlantics: 3
Advantages: 6
Limitations: 8
Recommendations: 10
Constant analysis: 10
Hybrid strategy: 10
Competitive prices: 11
Value added services: 11
Conclusion: 12 Introduction:

Today, competition in international markets has become severe and in order to sustain relevant position, organizations need to assume competitive strategies so that they can gain competitive advantages. (Rao, pp.185, 2011) The dynamic condition of markets has made it complicated for the organizations to achieve higher level of success without using experts’ promulgated models and literatures. (Flouris, Oswald, pp.19, 2006) Hence, researches have made it simple for the
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Porter’s differentiation strategy can be observed from all the perspectives including packages, offers, services etc. For example, it has been offering services for more than 30 different destinations with 43 outstanding aircrafts including airbuses, Boeings and aircrafts. Similarly, this airline has bases in Manchester and London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports and offers services for thirty different destinations including Dubai, Mauritius, Delhi, Sydney and Cape Town, the tourist favorite areas. Moreover, normally airlines offer business and economy class but Virgin Atlantic has three different classes including upper, premium economy and economy classes. In addition, it has infused differentiation strategy through providing Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Holiday services which offers instant and urgent shipments to different destinations of the world. Similarly, different travel packages with outclass offers have also been facilitated to customers in order to gain competitive advantages through dissimilar features.

All these examples indicate how differentiation strategy of Porter’s Generic model aids an organization to gain benefits but for this purpose, organizations usually charge premium prices as well. Virgin Atlantic is also costly from other airlines in the market but its unique services have made it ample popular

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