Essay Competitive Cheerleading Is A Sport

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Bring it on. When people think about a typical cheerleader, they always think short skirts, loud voices, and tons of energy. Cheerleaders are not just spirited people in uniform. Cheerleaders are commonly seen on the sidelines of a football game. They normally not thought of as a sport because they cheer for another sport playing like football. Some people may argue cheer is a hobby and not a sport. However, competitive cheerleading is different from sideline cheerleading. Sideline cheerleaders are the typical cheerleaders that people automatically picture in a cliché movie where head cheerleader dates jock. Nonetheless, competitive cheerleading is different, since they are the ones that spend hours practicing on their skills to get better. These numbers of skills that are required to have personal and physical risks and injuries that could become damaging to their health. In this competitive sport comes with rules and guideline to follow in order to compete. Competitive cheerleading is a sport.
When in a sport usually a person would need to work out and strengthen, sports requires time and dedication to improve in the game for the big win. Practice is a key component to be successful. Therefore, in a sport all members involve would have hours of practice in order to be able to advance. Many sports have practice every day and last for hours a week to be able to play. For that reason, competitive cheerleading is a sport as they practice like any other sports. Buzuvis (2011)…

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