Essay on Competitive Cheerleading Is A Sport

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Girls are being thrown up into the air over 30 feet high while doing a trick, and still the NCAA is not considering competitive cheerleading a sport. Cheerleading has come a long way from just looking sexy in cheer uniforms to high level stunting. It has evolved into a very dangerous and competitive sport. Competitive cheerleading is considered to be very challenging both mentally and physically. The criterion below will prove that competitive cheerleading should absolutely be considered a sport. A physical exercise will be considered a sport if it meets the criterion which includes a final score that encompasses a winner, being physically and mentally challenging using skill and coordination, and having a set of rules that are practiced to ensure fairness to fulfill the requirements prove that competitive cheerleading is a sport. A sport must have a winner with a final score because it ensures competiveness between the teams and individuals. Being able to watch or play a sport has a common goal of wanting to win, so without having a final score there could be no winner. According to a study that Ishii, Taguchi, Mutoh, and Matsuse (2004) have conducted it shows that “before a match or a game, it is important for an athlete to imagine herself or himself of the future as a winner of the following match” (p.37). An athlete must get into the right mindset to go out there, compete in their sport, and bring home a win. It is crucial when playing a sport to embody the spirit of a…

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