Competitive Analysis Cango Essay

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Competitive Analysis
February 21, 2010

Schettakka Davis
The Big Five, Inc.

Introduction This competitive analysis was conducted to aid in the development of CanGo, an online gaming website. This analysis focused on three competitors: Big Fish Games,, and The existence of these competitors indicates that there is indeed a market for online gaming. All of these competitors offer free online game play, game downloads, chat rooms, club memberships, and some type of prizes. This suggests that CanGo may be benefit from extending the online gaming website to include these services. Certain content functionality appears to be standard in this industry and should be included in the CanGo website: *
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These tokens can be used to purchase tickets that could help you win some cash prizes.
Products offered:
Genres of games offered by Pogo are: * Puzzle/Word/Card/Board/Casino/Arcade/Sports

Technology used: * Audio Clip (java, Safari, or Firefox) * Users can email a friend the URL of specific games on the website. * Internet 6, 7, and 8 are the internet browsers suggested to use with
Search Functionality: * There is a find a game search box.
Ordering Options: * Major credit card accepted/ Can pay using PayPal or Paybycash
Supporting Content: * Terms of Service/Privacy statement/Help desk/Company information
Pogo’s greatest strength is that you can play online games for free as long as you are willing to sit there and play them. Another strength that Pogo has is their reputation in the online gaming business.
Areas of Improvement:
The areas of improvement mainly centers on the advertising. When you are playing a game at the end of the game, an advertisement pops up with a timer in between games.


The competitors of CanGo have their categories broken down too see how CanGo would size up with them in the online gaming business. There were several aspects that each business had that CanGo can used to make their online gaming business a success. CanGo’s online gaming business has netted then 25 million dollars in profit, but in order for CanGo to

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