Competitive Advantages Permit For Increased Revenues And Long Term

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Environmental Scan Paper In business, competitive advantages permit for increased revenues and long-term sustainability. An organization should have a firm understanding of their internal and external opportunities and threats and be able to create strategies to capitalize on and create these advantages to gain competitive advantages. The following paper will evaluate the internal and external environments of Wal-Mart and Apple. This paper will analyze competitive advantages, evaluate strategies used to create value and gain competitive advantages, examine measurement guidelines used to verify strategic effectiveness, and finally, evaluate how effective the measurement guidelines are.

Evaluating Internal and External Environments The idea of environmental scanning is crucial to a company’s short and long-term success. Environmental Scanning is “an overarching term encompassing the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information relevant to the organizational development of strategy. A corporation uses this tool to avoid strategic surprise and to ensure its long-term health (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010, Chapter 4.).
These two global companies have managed to continually stay ahead of their competition attributed to many factors. All organizations will be faced with factors both internally and externally that will affect performance at some point. Wal-Mart is one such organization that has a set of internal factors which influence its operations. The corporate…

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