Competitive Advantage of Chinese Manufacturing Essay

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"In the manufacturing sector which, as long as the Chinese do, others do not do it" is a vivid portrayal of today's manufacturing industry. China's manufacturing sector from the initial simple imitation, to continue to practice and innovation, to create a summary sublimation with Chinese characteristics, the most competitive and lowest cost manufacturing management model, management processes, technology, China Manufacturing took only 20 years it took nearly 200 years of Western history counterparts.
After 20 years of reform and opening up, China has become a manufacturing powerhouse. Starting from the earliest costume hats, today more and more Chinese enterprises to continuously delivery of products around the world. Anywhere in the
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Second, the "do not follow the common sense out the card" quick response to market
I think successful companies in China, the most important one is not reasonably the cards on the market quickly reflected. China's successful manufacturing companies have their own set of manufacturing from product development to marketing to the unique management model, which is to look at the many foreign companies do not understand, do not understand. Some car companies in China "do not follow the common sense out the card," adapted from the research and development of automobile products to the market need for the line regulation of 36 months, this figure reduced to just 12 months, quickly seized the international competitive advantage. Some Chinese enterprises do not do the battery out of cards by common sense, from the process, organizational models, technology processes are fully with any country in the world, no one to do the battery plant is not the same, he can cost battery must be very low, forcing some foreign competitors feel the pressure of competition, out of the market.
Market in China today is not 大鱼吃小鱼, but soon fish fish slow. A major U.S. auto company president told me: In China, elephants are not terrible, terrible thing is that fast, flexible and smart monkeys antelopes. I responded that if you put the U.S. mode of production, process, plant design to the move to China you do not move over, you do not have competitive advantage. In

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