Essay on Competition Is Good Or Bad For People?

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” No matter what the competition is, I try to find a goal that day and better that goal.” This quote spoke by Bonnie Blair who was the American Gold Medal speed-skater. In every person’s life time, we experienced countless numbers of big and small competitions occurred in our daily lives. No matter you are racing with your siblings from the end of your house’s driveway to your house, or attending a school’s drawing contest. Everyone wants to become the champion and enjoyed being receive the title of the first place. Because we all know what the result of being the first place is, and we are more than likely to get a valuable prize as the result. People always have different opinions on if competition is good or bad for people. Here are some research that can show us competition is actually good for us not only physically and mentally. Competition has great effect to people because it could motivates us to better ourselves, helps us to build mature attitude toward difficulties or on general, and understand the concept of being winning and losing. First of all, competition can motivates us to better ourselves. “It’s about finding out how well you can do something under pressure. It’s about challenging yourself to get better. It can be about working together with others to accomplish a goal” (Coffin). Competition is another way sign to show us that which part we complete well or need to improve. It teaches uncountable lessons though all kinds of competitions. For examples,…

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