Essay about Competition And Short Term Outcomes

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1. They Encourage Unproductive Competition and Short-term Outcomes:
Competition in the workplace creates unhealthy and unproductive rivalries between coworkers that often result in workers resenting each other. Adam Hollander, the founder of FantasySalesTeam, wrote about his unfortunate sales competition experience on his blog. He recalled a time in which the CEO of the company he was working for announced a new program. The first employee to meet the $275,000 sales goal would receive a $20,000 bonus. Although excited at first, the sales representatives at the bottom of the performance ladder gave up within a few days. After six weeks, half of the employees had dropped out of the competition and went back to performing at the status quo. Three months later, only three salesmen, all leaders in the field whom won numerous competitions in the past, were still in the running (Hollander). The CEO, focused only on short-term outcomes, caused unproductive and unnecessary coworker rivalry, which in the end did little to increase profits.
Competition also creates stress that proves to be counterproductive to worker 's sales efforts. Because most people do not perform well under pressure, salespeople are actually more productive when their work environment is easygoing and relaxed (Lewis). Nordstrom, a major fashion retailer, allows coworkers to monitor each other’s sales. Because of this, sales associates have a good idea of where their sales figures fall in relation to their…

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