Essay Competition and Basic Needs

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Social Interaction is the interactive process by which a person learn the rules of norms of a society. There are many different types of social interaction but competition is a main one that is very present in societies today. Competition is the act of competing against someone or something when a resource or action is needed and there is a low supply of it. Competition is not only found between two or more people but also in a variety of other areas in society. Unbroken, a novel written by Laura Hilenbaug, talks about various aspects of competition in society. She talks about the struggles of a solider fighting in World War II and his daily obstacles he has to overcome. Louis Zamperini is the main character in the book and following his …show more content…
Another aspect of competition in society comes from a person's rank or position at his or her workplace. Rising to the top at a business or job is one of the main aspects of economic competition. Rising to the top of their ladder at work means more money and power. That is what people seek to have, power and money.9Louis in the book is was always competing for something at his job. He was always trying to do better and earn more rank during the war. He was competing on the job for more food , when he was injured racing at the camp he lost his rations.10 Louis competed with many people to get back his job and find another one to work for his rations back. Louis knew if he could not keep a job at camp he would die of starvation. The biggest aspect of competition in the book for Louis was another outside force, it was not like a game for him but more life revenge. The aspect of competition against another force or person is very prevalent in society. People are always comparing themselves to everyone else and trying to be ahead of everyone else.11 Louis and other campers were always treated with disrespect which got the campers very angry and competitive with the guards. The prisoners would always try and steal the guards rations and make sure something always was going wrong for them. Louis had an enemy in the camps

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