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Pennsylvania Department of Education Bureau of
Career & Technical Education CDA-Ready
Certificate Documentation Infant/Toddler
(Developed from The Child Development Associate: Assessment System and Competency Standards
Infant/Toddler Caregivers in Center-based Programs, Second Edition, ©2006, ).

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Enrolled in approved Child Care Program, CIP 19.0708, or FCS Child
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Competency Goal II
5. Select four songs, finger-plays, word games or poems that you can use to promote phonological awareness. Describe strategies to promote phonological awareness among children whose home language is other than English.
6. Describe nine learning experiences that promote physical, cognitive and creative development – three for young infants, three for mobile infants and three for toddlers. Describe the goals, materials and teaching strategies used.

Competency Goal III
7. Provide the titles, authors, publishers and copyright dates and a short summary of ten age-appropriate children’s books that you use to support development of children’s self-concept and self-esteem, and to help children deal with life’s challenges. (additional information) 8. Use the Internet, public library or your program’s professional library to obtain at least two resources designed to assist teachers in constructively dealing with children with challenging behaviors (such as aggressive behavior like hitting or biting or shyness).

Revised 1/2014

9. Provide the name and telephone number of an agency in the community where you work for making referrals to family counseling. Competency Goal IV
10. Find out where to obtain

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