Competency Differences Between Adn vs Bsn Nurses Essay

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Differences in Competency between Associate degree Prepared Nurses versus Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses
A BSN represent a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, while an ADN is an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Both degrees will qualify a person to take the same licensing exam NCLEX. There are several differences in the competency levels of these two-degree programs. BSN program is a four-year degree, which is knowledge, theory and research based and the emphasis is on the entire picture of the field of nursing. Exposing the nurse to human diversity and global perspective, health promotion, spiritual perspectives, ethical, legal, political, historical and social influences using liberal arts including biblical concepts for complete
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BSN prepared nurses are advocate, colleague coordinator and change agent, they are educated to engage in independent thinking, they develop research based-care protocols and use independent nursing decisions. ADN prepared nurses are caregiver, counselor and educator they practice within a structured setting. For example, Pt is taking Coumadin 5 mg by mouth every night for bilateral PE. Pt’s INR has reached 3.8 if BSN prepared nurse notices that she would hold Coumadin for that night and recheck INR in AM.
BSN programs prepared nurses are more effective to make critical patient care decisions and to question doctors when orders appear inappropriate. For example, a physician orders Motrin 600 mg oral every 6 hrs as necessary for pain in abdomen. This pt has elevated liver function test and had liver biopsy that morning for possible liver metastasis. BSN prepared nurse shows concern to the physician that Motrin is not appropriate in liver disease, and then order was changed to Tramadol.

There are several differences in the competency levels of the BSN prepared nurses and ADN prepared nurses education .BSN program is more focused on exposing students to more people and cultures, and enhancing the skills required for nursing management. They also offer more opportunities to improve communication skills, problem solving skills, professional role

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