Competency Based Human Resources Management Essay

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Competency models are basically a picture board used to collect the viewable skills, behaviors and the attitude that can affect the type of work a person may do. It shows us what people need to learn and have the ability to perform in order to meet their responsibilities in a strong manner. These competency models are becoming more and more important to employers in use for recruitment of new employees as well as finding the right employee that is going to be a natural” fit” for their organization. These models are instrumental in setting clear performance expectations and measuring employee’s performance in meeting these goals. Competency models can help employees to understand what steps they need to focus on to achieve and improve their expected output. Lastly competency models are valuable in that they can point out missed goals and performance standards by employees and when properly identified can highlight areas of training that are clearly focused on the weakest areas (Noonan, 2012).
Competency based Human Resources Management is utilizing the theory of behavioral and technical abilities and studying those abilities to analyze the performance of skills and find areas in need of improvements. Management, attracting new employees, developing employees in relation to their performance and rewarding employees can all be pulled out of the information gathered via competency based HRM. It popularity continues to grow because it is a performance based measurement and…

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