Essay On Compatibilism

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I would like to believe in Compatibilism, I really would. I like to think that I get to choose things without someone or something intruding on my choice while still knowing that things are determined. But then I don’t think people are free in general. I think it is like the idea of Pinocchio, he always wants to “be a real boy”. I think we all want to be real boys/girls who make their own decisions and are not waiting to have freedoms. So then our brain tells us we are free to make our own choices, but in reality there are so many things at work. In reality, there are so many factors that affect every choice individuals make.
Compatibilism define freedom as the power or ability to do something without any constraints stopping the freedom.
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Determinism takes in account that people’s actions and choice and also the consequence of predecessor states of affairs. This is why the consequence argument (incompatibilism) states that there is nothing we can do to change the past or the laws of nature. But when you add free will, I do not think it is able to be still considered as determinism because then what is determined? Also free will means there are not any other factors, well there are always other factors. I guess there would be no society factors if you lived on an island alone, but that is not really common. I personally think that compatibilism is just a way to resolve the big debate of free will and determinism in the nicest way. These prefect little boxes do not work for everything, there is a lot of grey in the matter.
In general I do not think that compatibilist because it fails to talk about other facts. I know that this might be my inner sociology and like coming out but I disagree. I think that moral reasoning is so complex and that is why there are so many laws in place to decide if people really have enough free will to be morally reasonable that compatibilist are just so

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