Compassion In Nursing

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As I continue on in my education I want to learn as much as a can about what to expect when I enter the “real world”. Learning and discovering more about my possible future grows my excitement and interest in what I am hoping to pursue. From what I already know, I understand that nurses are amazing and strong individuals that are highly valued for their contribution to society.
There are many education paths one can take in order to reach the final goal of becoming a nurse. For older individuals who want to take a faster track, there are two-year degrees offered by most community colleges and hospital based schools that educate an individual enough in order for them to be able to pass the (NCLEX)-RN exam. Most younger people who are just starting
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Compassion can be defined as feeling a strong sense of concern or sympathy for someone else. Nurses have to keep in mind that their patients are almost never in a healthcare setting because they want to be, so sympathy is key in order to provide the best care. Simply put, they are willing to go above and beyond to be the listening ear and putting the patients first. A nurses care needs to be done without judgment and there needs to be an understanding that everybody has their own values and experiences that brought them to that point (Gokenbach). Nursing is a stressful job no matter what area a nurse is specialized in. And in that job, a nurse will come across a countless number of traumatic situations and they have to figure out the best way to cope with those situations. A crucial ability is being able to accept death and suffering without letting it be incapacitating or personal. Almost every decision made in the medical field is one that comes with consequences, which could be good or bad. A great nurse is one that pays very close attention to detail and is more than careful so they don’t miss any steps or make any errors. A nurse is responsible for the details from reading a patients chart to remembering the particulars of a specific case. Attention to detail in the medical field could mean the difference between life and …show more content…
There is said to be three different types of values, all of which are highly respected by the medical field. There are terminal values, which are fundamental or personal values. Included within this category are family security, happiness or freedom from inner conflict, and a sense of accomplishment. Next are instrumental values, which are learned from parents or are strengthened through past experience. Instrumental values include honesty, responsibility, and intellectual capability. Finally, the values, which are shared by most all nurses, are the professional values. Human dignity, equality of patients, and the prevention of suffering are all values crucial to nursing professions (Gokenbach). The medical community is constantly changing and growing, especially in the world of nursing. Nurses are affected by healthcare changes, technology changes, and over the health of the community of people they are caring for. Caring for the unhealthy has definitely gotten a little more complicated. Overall, hospitals these days are understaffed and on a very strict budget, which would make everything difficult enough. On top of that, society had grown increasingly unhealthy with a major increase in obesity, diabetes and other complex

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