Essay about Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses During The Nursing Field

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Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses Many professionals in the nursing field enter this field with the view of helping others through offering empathetic care for patients with various kinds of conditions including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care needs. Therefore, this profession can be regarded as a hard physical, emotional, and spiritual work that can also be very satisfying and rewarding. Given the nature of the nursing profession and practice, these professionals are increasingly likely to suffer from burnout or compassion fatigue. This paper explores compassion fatigue among nurses in light of the demands of providing care to patients with varying health care needs such as physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs. The examination includes a literature review on the topic, analysis of evidence, implications of practice, and recommendations and conclusions.
Literature Review Wisniewski (2013) describes the nursing profession as a hard physical, spiritual, and emotional work that is also very satisfying and rewarding. As a result of the nature of nursing profession, turmoil and tension can easily arise from the territory of being a nurse. Krischke (2013) concurs by arguing that nurse burnout is usually the result of the working environment because of demands, workspace design, scheduling, and assignment levels. However, Krischke (2013) states that nurse burnout is different from compassion fatigue because of the different factors that…

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