Essay Comparisson of Mother Tounge and Everyday Use

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Edgar Hernandez
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March 20, 2014 Amy Tan's, “Mother Tongue” and Alice Walker's “Everyday Use” both share similar traits in their writings of these two short stories. “Mother Tongue” revolves around the experiences Tan and her mother had due to her mother's English speaking limitations, she also revolves her story around the relationship of a mother and daughter. Alice walker on the other hand writes a story narrated by “Mama” the mother of two daughters Maggie and Dee and explains the conflicting relationship she has with Dee, both writers similarly emphasize on the relationships these mother and daughter characters had and they unravel both short stories based on these relationships. Although both short stories
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Tan uses a different approach in using the relationship she has with her mother as a form of inspiration that later in her career changes her style of writing. This is where Walker and Tan have a main contrast. Moving forward, both Tan and Walker fall back into similar forms of writing. They both use these mother daughter characters to show the reader how their up bringing impacts both Tan and Dee later on in their lives. Tan talks about how the limitations of her mothers broken English lead and the generality of being from China steered her to overcoming the stereotype that Chinese do not make good writers. In similar form Dee also uses her upbringing to propel her onto better things in life, Walker mentions how Dee has always wanted good things and emphasizes her hate for bad things when she gives the visual description of the house burning as Dee watches with “concentration” (Walker 272). Both Writers again incorporate the use of visuals to connect their points of their characters across. Alice Walker uses some symbolism to emphasize on the importance heritage plays in the story. In the story “Everyday Use” symbolism such as certain objects, their front yard, and the different characters, are all used to represent one of the main themes, heritage. Tan takes a more descriptive approach as she describes the English her mother speaks as “a language of intimacy”showing emphasis

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