Essay about Comparison Of Tom Gatsby 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Comparison of Gatsby and Tom
The contrast between Tom and Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby” is portrayed by how each handles his wealth and values their romance. Two men both known to have wealthy lifestyles are yet so different. Both feel they have a social status to maintain yet they neglect the simple things in life. While being so caught up in the glamour, they fail to appreciate what they already have. While Gatsby values his relationship with friends and family, Tom spends more time pretending that he’s worth more than what his haughty attitude portrays. Gatsby and Tom both want the love of the indecisive Daisy. Aside of their financial status, Gatsby and Tom have different perspectives that portray who they are as a person. Some of these perspectives are where they come from, their devotion, and their views on life. Tom thinks that he doesn’t need anyone to be happy and Gatsby has genuine love for his family and friends. Gatsby goes out of his way to make the people who surround him happy and that’s what sets him aside from Tom. Regardless of Gatsby’s affection for Daisy, his obsessive nature towards her doesn’t make him less selfish than the hubristic Tom.
Gatsby is portrayed through the “New Money” class. Tom on the other hand, is considered “Old Money” because he’s was born wealthy and never had to work for anything. This changes their mentality on how each chooses to consume the money. Gatsby had so many gatherings at his house that "On weekends his Rolls-Royce…

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