Comparison Of The Pit And The Pendulum And The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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Register to read the introduction… He tries to escape from each one of these but every time he succeeds he finds himself in a worse situation than he was before. Inside the chamber he is deprived of the sense of sight so at first he cannot know where he is or what dangers surround him. His will however compensates for this lack of sight and he tries to use his other senses to find his way around the chamber. Although he is restricted in his ability to act, his mind and senses work together to make action possible. He escapes the pit, and the pendulum only to subsist a more restricted and horrifying situation: “I had but escaped death in one form of agony, to be delivered unto worse than death in some other” . When the closing walls force him towards the pit he is finally limited in his ability to choose; and he knows that not even all his faculties unified are going to help him. When he seems to find psychic harmony under severe physical and mental pressure he finds that his integrated powers of knowledge, will and feeling will expose his own hopelessness. Every act of balance or sanity from his part only seems to aggravate his situation. This constant mental and physical torture suffered by this sane narrator possibly cause great terror in the reader who empathizes with him every step of the way when trying to overcome the traps in the cell. The feeling of anticipation and dread …show more content…
Taking into account the previous definitions of horror and terror it may be said that the former plays a superficial role and does not seem to cause great impact once the story is finished. On the other hand, the terror portrayed in The pit and the pendulum involves great physical and mental disturbance which seems successfully transmitted to the reader. It is my contention that sanity could function as a link between the narrator and the reader and may allow the reader to identify with the character and fear for him. The narrator in The pit and the pendulum could be replaced by any regular man for we know nothing about the character but still we manage to feel all what he is feeling. After all, the integrated personality of this narrator survives to experience horrors that the disintegrated personality of the narrator in The black cat never had to face and this is the reason why madness may be measured as less terrifying than

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