Comparison Of The Adult World Vs. Adolescence In Alice In Wonderland

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Comparison of the Adult World vs. Adolescence in Alice in Wonderland
White, Jewels. “Adult Realm V. Childhood: A Critical Examination of the Victorian Realm’s
Ideal Young Adult.” The Review: A Journal of Undergraduate Student Research 14 (2013): 38-48. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. This article is an analytical analysis on the novel, Alice in Wonderland, and how the story represents an ideal Victorian youth, but with clash of culture and changing time, basic beliefs and morals begin to shift. First, the author begins with the first element of the story; Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Initially, this is where Alice begins her adventure and rejects the the adult realm. With her Victorian values, customs, and morals, she is stressed to be exposed
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Web. 19 Mar. 2016. This article studies the sociological perspectives of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. First, the authors begin to solely base the journal on racial identity and the implications that came during the novel 's time periods. First and foremost, african americans; in the mindset of the 1920’s America, the environment would see white dominance and inferiority to other ethnicities. Next, race in scientific studies would influence certain topics. For example, interracial marriage; Tom Buchanan talks to Daisy about her affair with Gatsby. He talks about how important it is to marry, but to be careful with marrying a person with different skin color. With his hypocritical statement on marriage, readers are allowed to see that socioeconomic status and race are important in a upperclass relationship. To conclude, with careful analyzation of the novel, it is evident to see that certain sociological studies were being performed during the 1920’s. For example, the struggle for an African American were being presented in the society. This journal is a great source to use because of the ability to realize the head of the frontier. Whites were most dominant, and the ideology caused them to believe that they were superior compared other people of color. It is a dark history, but it’s important to know how people were treated, and how the effect is still event in modern …show more content…
Also, when educating children, they try to inspire children 's curiosity on social values and human conditions. Last, social customs and values has internal tension that result them to change and develop. The Europeans were those who caused the village to talk about certain customs, and compare them to the Europeans. I am using this article because it analyzes the African culture so well. Chinua Achebe is an African author, therefore, Things Fall Apart comes from a different perspective than other pieces of literature. This novel teaches those who aren’t familiar a complete different approach to another culture. Achebe teaches a great deal about the Igbo society and depicts on their traditions and

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