Homecoming Vs Spider Man

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“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves, just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man”. Spider-Man is the world’s favorite web-slinging hero. The Spider-Man franchise began as a comic series, but has since then been adapted into movie form, where there are currently six official live-action Spider-Man movies. Between the initial adaptation, Spider-Man, and the latest installment, Spider-Man: Homecoming, there are many factors that vary. Some of these variances include the cast and characters, the setting of the storyline, and the origin and story of Peter Parker, our arachnoid amigo. One polarity of these movies, that is clearly visible, is the makeup of the cast and characters. A …show more content…
The first movie begins with a thirty-some-odd minute montage of Peter becoming the hero. In Homecoming however, the story jumps right in at a point in which Peter has already become Spider-Man. In the previous Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, Peter’s transcendence into Spider-Man is alluded and sets up for the continuation of the story. Homecoming simply picks up years after Civil War leaves off. The character and setting changes, as previously stated, have changed Peter’s motivations and interests. In Spider-Man, with Uncle Ben as his idol, Peter’s main goal is to defeat the forces of evil that harmed his Uncle. Peter lives by his Uncle Ben’s quote, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. With the Avengers and Iron Man being a part of Homecoming, Peter’s goal is to prove that he is worthy of becoming a member of the Avengers and to no longer be seen as the friendly neighborhood watch, or much less as the teenage boy that he is. There are also changes in Peter, ability-wise. While in Spider-Man Peter can physically climb and shoot webs from his body as a result of the genetic mutation from the spider bite, the only thing enabling him to do these things in Homecoming is the suit he is given from Iron Man, and the webbing that he creates in chemistry class. The portrayal of Peter Parker very well may be the biggest discrepancy in these two

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