Comparison Of Porphyria 's Lover, And Goblin Market, By Christina Rossetti

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Departing from the romantic era 's focus on sublimity and the idea of a supernatural monster, the victorian gothic period focuses on a rather different kind of evil; that of the inhumane, instinctive criminal. This fixation on human monstrosity and its effects can be seen repeatedly in victorian poems, oftentimes with the man – or man equivalent monster – committing some kind of atrocity towards an undeserving maiden, who provokes said monster only by being a physical manifestation of purity, the antithesis of what he is. Both Porphyria 's Lover, by Robert browning, and Goblin Market, by Christina Rossetti, explore the duality of eroticisation and demonization of the female form – which acts as a manifestation of female desire - by utilising traditional fairy-tale and gender tropes, such as blonde maidens and evil goblins, to create a theme of female otherness. The women in these poems are portrayed as near supernaturally virtuous beings, who are destined to be undermined and damaged by a destructive male force that aims to subvert their purity and make them into fallen women.

Having written Goblin Market in 1859, and subsequently publishing it in 1862, Rosetti claimed - that she had not intended the poem to have been for children, which, considering that the poem is often interpreted as explicitly sexual and a direct rebellion against victorian morality, is understandable. Despite this, it was marketed towards children, as, superficially, it is a story with a moral - much…

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