Comparison of Donne and Jennings Poetry Essay

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Consider the ways in which Donne and Jennings use form, structure and language to present their thoughts and ideas. You should make relevant references to your wider reading in the poetry of love.
The poem the ‘The Anniversary’ By John Donne, is a metaphysical poem about the sun itself growing older each year, this process reminds Donne that him and his lover are closer to their end. The second poem is called ‘One Flesh’, and is written by Elizabeth Jennings. In the course of this poem Jennings explores the relationship and separateness of her now elderly parents. There are multiple contrasting factors between these two poems, considering they are both written from different time periods and view love in sharply differing perspective.
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The couplets in ‘The Anniversary’ unites the lovers, this can be proven by the couplet ‘none but we’ and ‘subjects be’. This couplet creates a sense that each lover will be together as ‘we’, and also do everything together as ‘be’. The rhyming couplets in ‘One Flesh’ are present, they are major because they really emphasises the differences between this couples. Yet, the real difference between them is only really truly reinforced by the how the sudden rhyme of the poem disappears in the last stanza. By the writer doing this, they may possibly be trying to symbolise how the love between the couple has also disappeared.
The concept of death is explored in the theme of love within both of these poems. Donne in ‘The Anniversary’ has proclaimed their love to immortal and as continuing in the afterlife. To illustrate this he uses an antithesis and states that ‘death were no divorce’, as a result of this he communicates his love to be of such a strong bond that not even death can separate them. The ‘no’ also comes across as being very certain and dominant about love continuing, despite death being the end of everything. In comparison the poem ‘The Sun Rising’, also represents love to be stronger than death. The lovers in this poem seem to be living in their own reality and claim that the sun is not ‘half as happy’ as they are. Both of these couples are so drawn into each other nothing else has any importance, accept their

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