Comparing Detective Fiction In Poe And Holmes

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1. Introduction
This paper is about the detective fiction in Poe and Doyle, comparing the most important and well-known characters Dupin and Holmes. In order to do this, the paper will be divided in four parts: the detective fiction in both authors, the analysis of Dupin and the analysis of Holmes. In order to understand this work, it will be observed first what detective fiction is. Detective fiction is a genre in which an investigator or a detective, professional or not, investigates a crime, often murder. In these stories, the primary concern of the plot is finding out the truth, which is figured out thanks to a difficult process combined with intuitive logic, observation and making inferences. It is said that this genre is, in fact, very old but, however, for the English-speaking world, detective fiction started with Edgar Allan Poe. This could be somehow true since from the stories that Poe built, more writers were captivated by this genre and tried to write something similar. This is the example of Arthur Conan Doyle, who features Poe’s character in his novel A study in Scarlet.
On the plot of the classical detective novel, two separate stories are included: the story of the
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(Do writers only write about places they know?) He comes from an illustrious family, but when it begins to act as a detective and solve cases, it only remains his family name and a remnant of his heritage so small that the home he shares with a friend is paid by this one, whose name we do not know. This friend is an admirer of Dupin’s great intelligence and capacity for analysis and observation and the one who tells the story. Furthermore, it must be added that Dupin has a friend in the police that asks him for help when the police itself cannot solve the case or are incapable to solve it. (repetition the same

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