Comparison of 2 Ethnic Groups Essay

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May 9, 2007

Name two ethnic or cultural groups other than African Americans and Jews that have made stellar contributions to the development of the united states. List at least ten achievers from each group, and try to form intergroup pairs as Cornel West does in his essay. Also compare and contrast the groups as a whole and share your overall perspective on their achievements. Asian Americans and Native Americans Our America is so diverse that it is very difficult to single out any one ethnicity and their contributions to our country. The Native Americans and Asian culture are so different, yet the similarities in their significant addition to our country is so remarkable. From the Native
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The United States army used the language of Navajo Indians to create an undecipherable code during World War II that was used to send messages to different branches of the military without the enemy catching on. This was very important to the U.S. military during this time and only twenty nine Navajo soldiers were able to decipher this code. Many people wouldn't know that while the language of the Navajo Indians was of great importance during this time, so was the ability to translate Japanese. Many Japanese American soldiers worked for military intelligence services helping different branches of the military in translating radio transmissions that would stop attacks on various American military bases. The soldiers that were part of 442 regimental combat team were the most decorated in the United States military. Members of this unit earned over eighteen thousand individual decorations and were the only combat team to ever receive five presidential citations. All of its members were of Japanese decent. Although the significant contributions made by these two groups were very important, they went through many obstacles pre-war and post-war. After the attacks on pearl harbor, Japanese Americans were very distrusted. Americans began to judge anyone from the Japanese race

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