Comparison Of Things Fall Apart 'And Something Noble'

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What Parent do you count on?
Did you know that 1 in 3 children in the U.S. live without their father?(Nye) That is 15 million kid 's! "The spiral continues each year to the point where married couples with children have an average income of $80,000, which is compared to $24,000 for single mothers"(Nye). Fathers are just important to help support the family to live comfortably. Father 's are not only needed for financial support but also to teach and help them grow. They imitate their father’s behavior by walking like him; talking like him or wearing his clothes or shoes. At such a young age a son wants to please their father and receive his approval and acceptance at any cost. Father 's play a major part in their sons lives. In today 's society
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Good father 's will always be there to guide their son into becoming a successful man. Even though many kids in the US live without father, father 's will still play a major part in their son 's life. Okonkwo from Thing Fall Apart and Terrell from Something Noble both were not there to support their sons. Okonkwo would beat his son and use strong verbal abuse while Terrell left his son at a young age to never to return or even call to get to know his son. The character in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and Something Noble William Kowalski demonstrate that without the loving support of a father boys won 't be put on the right path to becoming successful men because the strongest relationship young man can have with is their …show more content…
There are millions of single parents raising their sons without having a father figure to support them. But that doesn 't mean that you need a father in your childhood to become successful. Father can leave a kid anytime during or after a women get pregnant but when a women get pregnant she has to stay with the baby during the whole pregnancy. That 's a disadvantage because you can 't make that father stay and raise the kid "one reason that fathers are less committed to their children than mother are. The other reason is the absence for men of the proverbial “biological clock”(Kanazawa). But that doesn 't mean that you have a high chance of being raised without a father ⅔ of all kids are being raised by their father. There are less committed father than mothers, and this is why there are so many more deadbeat dads than deadbeat moms. There 's very few women that abandon or neglect their children. Mothers are caring and always want what 's best for their kids. Mothers will guide their kid on the right path to becoming successful. Which means you don 't need to have a father figure to be put on the right path to becoming

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