Comparison Between Women And Women

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And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman and brought her unto the man.
And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man.
I know I just turn a class into a church for a second.
But bear with me, you gonna be fine.
What I understand here is that in the beginning, man has everything except the missing rib, and woman has the taken ribs and nothing else. Even in a scientific explanation, I can tell that woman is so vulnerable, which lead me to the fist point: we should keep them in a safe place.
Men are more like pork. You can cut them up, grind them or maybe put a little oil on them and then fry them up.
[Change to food] But women, they are
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(hand gesture cat holding)
Otherwise, I 'm not saying men is more like dog, but more like
(hand, tongue); (woof, woof)
So we did, we kept women in a safe place. She handled household, cooking really well, and we all appreciate that. But man, he forgot why he kept women in the first place. When the woman said she want to join, he said:"no, no, It 's man 's work, woman, back off." The woman had to stand up and fought for their right, which leads me to the second point: we should give them a free will. They can do anything, even if they want to join a combat unit.
Just so you know this is my point of view before doing any research.
If anybody come to me and asks something like can a woman be in combat or are woman allowed to be in special forces, I 'll beat them because the ban has been removed. But they come in peace, we step in peace, here 's the reason:
1. Don 't say thing like can women go into combat, even men do not qualify for this position.
I mean, literally, I 'm 22, I 'm a man, even if I change my last name to Strong, and my little name to Very doesn 't mean that I will qualify for that
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What I want you to focus, and I quote:"needs of the military must come first."
There 's a woman who qualifies, have an enthusiastic to this position and you say something like:"Oh, how silly, should we permit male and female professional boxers to compete against each other? How about male and female baseball players? Or a single female on the planet with Mike Tyson."
Actually, I have to admit that 's a good point but let me say, have you ever stop your mother from taking things in a grocery store? That is ridiculous. You can 't stop a woman from what she wants to do.
Ignoring the fact that men acting foolish around women.
Can we all agree on that? Thank

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