Comparison Between Two Sermons Essay

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The comparison between two sermons
The short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Young Goodman Brown" starts, in the same way as other different stories by Hawthorne, with an untainted scene in a Puritan group—this time in Salem Massachusetts, the site of the notorious witch trials. "Youthful Goodman Brown" opens with the title character leaving his home and his wonderful and "celestial" wife of three months named Faith—a beautiful lady wearing pink strips to go on an excursion in spite of the fact that it is not determined yet where it is he is heading. His wife urges him to stay overnight and leave in the morning as she is perplexed and supposes she will be forlorn however Goodman Brown is situated after leaving, despite the fact that he thinks about whether his wife 's awful dreams were insinuating the adventure he spoke the truth to atte

Goodman set off his road and met his company, the person in black with a snake around his hand. He was trying to confuse and seduce Goodman Brown to turn to evil, but when he reached the clearing where the ceremony was held he knew his wife Faith is still a good person so he stopped his steps and prepared to go back. However, the figure appeared on the rock showed to him that his father and many of the people who lived around him were sinners and after he back to town he was so scared that everyone around him are evil. Goodman Brown is totally changed. He can not believe anyone and can not fully love her wife anymore, he lives the remainder…

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