Essay about Comparison Between Theories Of Learning And Education

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Comparison among theorists
Learning and education have become a big contribution to today 's society. Education has become and it is still becoming very important in everyone’s lives. When a child learns every child tends to learn differently and acquire knowledge in various ways. Therefore teachers are responsible to figure out the different ways of learning styles there are and know how each of their student is capable to learn. Over the past years theorists have developed different approaches to learning such as Behavioral, Social and Cognitive, and humanistic. During our class sessions we have discussed about four theorist which include John Dewey, Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud and Edward Thorndike and their methods applied when teaching a child a new skill. The behaviorist approach learning through a child’s behavior first and all share similarities as well as differences that will distinguish from each other and as well will help teachers be more productive when teaching a classroom.
John Dewey, Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud and Edward Thorndike are all theorists who believe that we can learn everything through behavior. All four theorists are similar because they all approach behavior and believe that learning through behavior is the first approach when learning in other different styles. When a child learns through behavior they are capable to learn in various ways that emphasize their experiences. Learning through behaviorism as well irreversible meaning…

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