Comparison between the Great Gatsby and Macbeth Essay

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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's most intense plays and one his most complex psychological studies. It is also a play about which there is a great deal of historical background, which I think you'll find interesting because it reveals Shakespeare's creative process. The play was written in 1605--1606. It's one of the plays where the date is pretty firmly established by internal references to external events, and most scholars have agreed on the date. Shakespeare was at the height of creative powers, and his theatrical company, the King's Men, was the official royal acting company. He had the large Globe Theater, a large public playhouse on the south bank of the Thames. He would soon open the Blackfriars Theater, a small private …show more content…
Similarly, religious figures would use history as a weapon to attack their opponents. In many accounts written at this time by Protestant advocates, history is seen as the rise of many proto-Protestants, people who lived hundreds of years before Martin Luther, the first official Protestant. These earlier figures are shown to be forerunners who simply didn't realize they were Protestants. The historical sources that Shakespeare used were as much mythologies as they are reality. Actually there was very little known about the historical Macbeth, so if the historians hadn't made things up they wouldn't have had much to say about him. Shakespeare's principal source, Holinshed's Chronicles of Scottish History, was a loose collection of gossip, tales and fantasies, so the material he was using was already seriously flawed from a historical perspective. Shakespeare then used this flawed material selectively, not telling the whole story, but only bits and pieces that made for a good drama. He altered historical records to heighten dramatic effect, as we'll see in the dramatic account of Macbeth's first murder. Shakespeare also changed history to simplify complexities and, quite frankly, to kiss up to King James. Shakespeare took a story supposedly set in the 11th Century, around the year 1050, and filled it with many references to events taking place in 1605 in England, in particular to one of the most

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