Comparison Between The Dark Ages And Democracy Essays

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From Dark Ages to Democracy During the years of 1500 to 500 BCE Ancient Greece experienced many developments, which would lead to the democracy in Athens. The Dark Age began with the fall of the Mycenaean’s who were Ancient Greeks. The Dark Ages were characterized by warfare, the collapse of literature, and economic crisis. This period most likely ended with the relationships between the Near East and Greece, which helped civilization come back to life. There were many factors that developed in Greece that helped Athens become the first democracy including the polis and new concepts of citizens, trade and colonization, as well as writing and written laws.
The first major development in Greece was the introduction of city-states, the polis. Aristotle once argued that, “Humans are beings who by nature live in a city-state.” (Hunt. 54) Greece’s geography consisted of mountains and islands, which allowed the city-states to prosper along the coast of the Mediterranean. “The polis was a radical innovation because it made citizenship” (40) available to all male social classes except slaves. All male citizens had equal political power and were able to vote on many issues. In some scenarios small groups of the Upper class males would have more power, but mostly it was equal to all males. In an ideal situation women would have had equal rights to men, but this was not the case. Women in Greece had legal rights, but no political rights. Women had more rights in Greece than…

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