Comparison Between Teddy And Ruth Essay

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This passage is when we are first introduced to Teddy and Ruth and so when the audience first forms an opinion of them. Teddy and Ruth’s relationship here is characteristic of the play because in the very first scene they come across as awkward as a couple. The way that Ruth and Teddy interact and speak to each other gives us insight into their relationship and their feelings for one another. It shows us that they have utterly contrasting views and that Ruth is independent of Teddy whereas he has a constant need to reassure her. This in short, sets up the tone for the play because it later explains why Ruth leaves due to Teddy’s oppressive and misogynistic nature. The relationship comes across as dysfunction with Teddy forcing conversation and Ruth deflecting his trivial attempts. The audiences learn from the stage directions and the characters speech that they are dissimilar characters and that Ruth seems more at home than Teddy.
We see the flaws of their relationship through the stage directions and the pauses in their speech. Teddy and Ruth have “two suitcases by their side”, this in itself shows how separated they are and not the loving unit we would expect. Teddy and Ruth are isolated from one another which acts as one explanation of why Teddy doesn’t find it hard to leave. The pauses in their conversation shows how dysfunctional their relationship is and that they don’t have enough in common to talk about. Teddy however is desperate for conversation, “well, the key…

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