Comparison Between Online And Traditional Schooling Essay

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Indeed, there are many heated discussions regarding the comparisons between online and traditional schooling. Crucially, various individuals applaud the utilization of traditional schooling while others applaud online schooling. It is significant to weigh the pros and cons of both systems. There are various criteria that may aid in choosing between the two forms of schooling. Unarguably, “schooling, whether online or traditional, is vital in the progress of humans in the current world”. One important criterion many students and parents consider is flexibility. The flexibility of the schedule may determine the choice of the schooling (Thibaut, 2015). For instance, students who have a busier schedule or time commitments may prefer online schooling as opposed to traditional schooling. Hence, a student committed to other activities such as athletics may prefer registering for an online course.
Evidently, traditional schooling provides face to face social interaction and communication. Alternatively, online schooling offers a limited form of social interaction that involves online videos and messages. Thus, the extent of social interaction is an important factor during the evaluation of the schooling type. Social development is crucial during the growth of a child (Sener, 2010). Hence, parents and children should consider this factor. Unarguably, peer interaction enhances emotional and social development. Traditional schooling provides more effective interaction. Students…

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