Essay on Comparison Between Macs And Pcs

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A very good comparison would be between Macs and PCs in order to figure out which of the two is more secure and faster by examining the operating system, Drivers, software, and hardware. Many consumers have always considered the macs to be very secure and against viruses, and PCs to be more vulnerable to viruses. Apple also used its secure operating system as one of the main selling points. So this comparison will try to find out if they still are the most secure. This will also find out which can be considered to be faster and responsive.
The first point of comparison between these computers is the operating systems that come installed with these computers. The Macs come preinstalled with OSX and Windows PCs comes preinstalled with their latest OS Windows 10. Mac OSX is a very clean, faster performing, and more stable than windows. It’s also considered to be easier to use for the non-technical. Many Windows PC manufacturers bundle their PCs down with bloatware. This can seriously affect performance, become less stable and sometimes may even contain malware. It is recommended to remove any bloatware that is found on any windows PC. Apple has a tighter control of its configuration options. Apple does not need to add bloatware to their macs since they are the only ones who use their own specific hardware and operating system. While windows has a more customizable environment and can also be as fast a mac depending on the hardware it is installed with.
Drivers allow your…

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