Comparison Between Homer 's Odyssey, And Virgil 's The Odyssey

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It is well known that Virgil was a creative genius. Although his creativity was evident, it is also understood that his works have been greatly influenced by the works of other writers, such as Homer 's, The Odyssey. The two epics are very similar in some ways, but also extremely different. A comparison between Homer 's, The Odyssey, and Virgil 's, The Aeneid, will show the different aspects of the Greek and Roman cultures. The Odyssey portrays Greek civilization while the Aeneid portrays Romans. Both of these epics have been used to portray the differences between each civilization, and in this essay I will be comparing how Virgil uses literary parallels from Homer 's, The Odyssey, to prove the point that Roman civilization is much more superior than that of the Greeks. The main characters of both epics, Aeneas and Odysseus are microcosms of their respective cultures. Virgil shows the Romans as a superior culture through his comparison of the hero Aeneas to the hero Odysseus. Both of these heroes, in the epics, go on a parallel journey with an ultimate purpose of returning home. In Aeneas ' case he is establishing a home, Rome. Although they are both undergoing a similar journey, the actions of both of them are extremely different. Firstly, in the Aeneid, Aeneas is told directly by Mercury that he is to leave Carthage and build an empire in Rome. Right after receiving this command, Aeneas is ready to obey. It is his instinct to do what the Gods command him to do.…

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