Comparison Between Grendel And Grendel Essay

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Secondly, the epic poem further connects Christianity to the Paganism through the allusions to Cain, the murderer of Abel. Grendel is the antithesis of man and Hrothgar’s sinister counterpart as king. It can be inferred that Grendel is the result of all of Hrothgar’s misgivings of conquest during his youth. Grendel is described as:
“A powerful demon, a prowler through the dark… a fiend out of hell…
Dwelt for a time in misery among the banished monsters,
Cain’s clan, whom the creator had outlawed
And condemned as outcasts…
The Almighty made him anathema” (86-110).
The reference to Genesis in the Old Testament, specifically “Cain’s clan”, serves as the foundation in the belief that Grendel is the spawn of pure evil. Just as Cain was forced into exile, so is Grendel and both abhor the jubilation of man. Grendel is further described as a shadowy monster, which was infallible to weapons of man. He consumed any man who waylaid Grendel at Heorot and only Beowulf fell the beast in a very primal and brutal way. Grendel is the embodiment of not only just evil but everything inhuman as well. As Susan Kim reasons in her article “As I Once Did with Grendel”: Boasting and Nostalgia in Beowulf, she argues that, “he has a big body, he is a voracious cannibal, and he never speaks. The terror he represents is clearly the terror of the speechless body, the terror of losing oneself to that body…[language] in context with the poem, concerns human identity” (Kim 9). Therefore, it is inferred…

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