Comparison Between English And Chinese Writing Essay

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Though I would have less grammar mistakes writing in Chinese than in English, there are similarities in both English and Chinese writing. That is, the first sentence in each paragraph should start directly the main idea of the paragraph, and one paragraph has one and only one main statement, which is hard for me to reach by one time. Therefore, I revise it again and again from the initial free writing, like a painter drawing the pigments from the bottom to the top. My writing is like a process, which develop every time I review it. This semester, I spent much time free writing and going over my three essays, rhetorical analysis, argumentative topic, and summary and response.
First, free writing inspires me a lot, and help me record my original worth ideas. The essay is like being written automatically, so it does not take me much time for every step. The inspiration of free writing can happen in any time while I am doing everything. If I am so interested that I think for it all the time, I would hit by an idea by the time I want to go to sleep. However, if I wait for writing in the next morning, I would forget it after the whole night sleeping. If I write it that time, it is too late for me and staying up is not good for my poor health. That is, the inspiration comes up any time, I cannot control the time it comes up.
Furthermore, revising put my free wring in a logical and coherent way. If the free writing requires quantity, revising is to improve the quality. Though I…

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