Comparison Between Duus And Cooray Essay

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Individual Assignment
1. Noone and Hultberg briefly describe the purpose of the article and how the research will be conducted in the abstract, and provides further insight into what outcome is expected from the article. In contrast, Duus and Cooray approaches the beginning of the article by providing an in depth description on the chosen topic and its purpose (Duus & Cooray, 2014). Although Duus and Cooray’s approach may be more insightful, it may at times is excessive and unnecessary as Noone and Hultberg are able to provide the required information in a more concise manner.

As management theories are constantly adapting to new environments it is important to use sources and ideas that are relevant to the current society. Although Noone and Hultberg use only few sources, it does refer to some that were written 20 years prior to this article. This may prove as a downfall to the article as theories referred to by Leonard, Dorf and Jones (Leonard, Dorf & Jones, 1991) in 1991 would be considered outdated and no longer relevant. A possible reason for the outdated sources used by Noone and Hultberg is that the subject of group revenue management is not as commonly researched so they are required to gather information that is relevant despite the year that is was published. As a result of this, the authors have conducted their own investigations to develop and further research these ideas.

2. As Noone and Hultberg’s article was based on a relatively uncommon area of research…

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