Comparison Between Differences And Differences Essay

1736 Words Jun 9th, 2016 null Page
Contrast is to compare in order to show unlike news or differences. Whether two people have different morals, opinions, manners, or ways of life the outcome from the differences can vary. People 's relationships could either become weaker or stronger due to differences. There are no two people that are completely alike, there will always be little things that will not make them similar. Differences can either separate or unite people, it all depends on each person’s personality. I was raised to be kind and respectful to everyone I meet. Some people were taught differently. My mom always tells me to “ Take the high road,” or “kill them with kindness.” Always being polite even when people are annoying or disrespectful, I continue to stick with what I was taught and treat others how I would like to be treated. It 's strange how other people do not live like this, how they are rude to others whether they have the same opinion or not. I have come across people that I cannot stand but I still act my best in hopes we can get along. Sometimes being nice does not get you anywhere. This past school year I got into a huge feud with a friend all because of a little misunderstanding. I tried to explain my side but she would not have it, she was angry with me and our mutual friend because she continued to be my friend. Things were blown out of proportion and she was not trying to even comprehend what I was saying. It seemed as though she had all these negative…

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