Comparison Between Confucianism And Confucianism Essay

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Bön vs. Confucianism
As the world revolved, landscapes changed, and humans traversed lands, the religious or spiritual aspect of life became imminent. The expansion and influence of religion or spiritual system created diversity within cultures, lands, and societies. Tribes or primitive groups of people started with spiritual beliefs were the forces and entities of Earth played a big part in people’s lives. Eventually, with the advancement of societies, humans began adapting prominent religious sanctities and factions. As a result, large institutionalized religions started to organize with its believers creating a community under a faith. One example of a small traditional religious or spiritual system is Bön, while one example of a large institutionalized religious system is Confucianism. These two differ greatly from the origin and history and up to the practice and rituals performed. Alternatively, these two religious or spiritual institutions have some similarities, such as the mainframe of their belief and the functional approach of their belief. Overall, the comparison and contrast of the two religions will define and further explain the influence it has on an individual’s morals and aspect of life.
To begin understanding and seeing the distinction between the two religions, one has to be familiar about the history and origin of both religions. According to “Complementarity and Opposition in Early Tibetan Ritual” by Brandon Dotson, Bön has two distinguished versions:…

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