Comparison Between Cicero And Confucius Essay

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Whose view will lead to a better government?
 In this essay I will discuss the different views among Cicero and Confucius, identifying 
which view would encourage a better government if put into practice. Cicero believed that a mixed government is best, while Confucius believed in having a single ruler who would be considered a gentleman. I find Cicero’s view more convincing and it could potentially lead to a better government if put into practice. Cicero reasoning explains why a mixed government is better, as it would be more stable and it wouldn 't break down his country. While Confucius focuses on what the ruler could do to prevent a tyrant from providing good virtues as a monarchy form of government, Cicero wanted to join the types of government together to face a disaster with better force and techniques.
 Confucius by the overall text seems very self-centered. This might present many issues because he is only thinking of what 's honorable for himself and not about the people in his country/land. Confucius clearly states how he worries of increasing his riches and honor (Confucius. Analects 8.13). Honor is valuable to selfish people and makes rulers very over potent among others. I understand that a ruler wants honor to respect and glory, being respected and admired for what you do is nice but not necessary. Gaining riches and honor among everyone is much better because everyone will be treated and get treated the same way, reciprocity. Wealth that is distributed is…

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