Comparison Between China And Japan Essay

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Asia in the 16th through 19th centuries was prospering and growing rapidly. Various empires came to power including the dynasties Chinese the Ming and the Qing, Tokugawa Japan and the hermit kingdom Korea. These empires all achieved greatness when it came to political aspects, social aspects and economical aspects.The Asian empires were more similar than different. In both China and Japan agriculture was highly important to the economy and was also valued more than being a merchant or artisan. The main crop that both empires grew was rice. Production of rice had also been made easier when a new faster growing form of rice was found. The governments also prefered agriculture over trade. For example, the government of The qing dynasty inforced a Heavy taxes on Manufacturing while agricultural taxes were low to discourage trade. In Japan some farm families benefited by exploiting the growing demand for cash crops. The ancient Asian empires let europeans in but soon thereafter had them expelled in most areas. China originally allowed these europeans into their empire but do to jesuits and greedy merchants China heavily limited the trade. The jesuits that entered China attempted to draw parallels between Christian and Confucian concept and to show the similarities between Christian morality and Confucian ethics. The Chinese also viewed the merchants who came looking for only self prosper greedy and this repealed the chinese. The hatred towards the greed of european merchants…

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