British Television Vs American Sitcoms

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Television is a universal idea, for decades it has brought family, friends, and all sorts of relationships to come together. However, television can vary from country to country. What may be popular in one part of the world, might not even be aired on another. America and Britain are usually paired with one another when discussing ideas about the world, because they contain so many similarities. Throughout the course of my time here, I have discovered, although that is not the case when it comes to television. From sitcoms to game shows to just about all the little nitty details, there are quite a few differences when it comes to American versus British television.
As far as television goes, throughout its history sitcoms have always
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While watching British TV, I have come to notice the phenomenon that is quiz shows. I have discovered that on a certain time during the day you can change the channel to find that almost each one is playing some sort of quiz show. One day while I was watching TV, a certain program caught my eye. It was called The Chase. The show is a battle of brainpower as four different contestants, competing on the same team take on their wits against “The Chaser.” The show was ruthless, “The Chaser” was this heavyset guy who was nothing but rude and chuffed with each of the contestants. I just sat there appalled wondering how each of them could just take it, or the fact when they did reply with a comment it was always about how overweight the chaser was, the show was mean and yet it was intriguing. The show had finally finished and I was about to turn off the television when suddenly the next program was The Chase again, however this time it was the American version, I was instantly captivated. Within seconds there was so many differences. For starters the host. The UK version was this mid 50’s gentleman who seemed like your typical Brit, nothing out of the norm. Then I noticed the US host. She was this skinny, blonde, young, too cheerful girl. I couldn’t believe it; it was almost like our society had been summed up by these two hosts. I was fascinated as to how the US version would handle the overweight idea of the chaser, especially as it was the same person from the UK version playing the chaser. To no surprise, throughout the entire show, his weight was not mentioned once. From what I have learned about British Television, is that there is nothing but the truth. There is no need for censorship or tiptoe around the subject, they faced it head on. I think it’s extremely fascinating, and I wish the US would face television like this. It gives it a whole new meaning. It faces the subject head on, and

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