Comparison Between Brave New World and Our World of Today Essay

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Comparison Between Brave New World and Our World of 2012

Every individual wants a perfect world. A world deprived of violence, judgment, or strife, in that people create their own worlds, they find their superlative way of living, the ideal thought of religion, and the ‘perfect’ government. That’s when you get a utopia, but when you flip it and all those ideas of equality and perfection it’s different and is a complete dystopia. Our world that we live in is neither, nothing is of absolute good and nothing is of absolute bad. We live in an unhinged society that keeps us going. Sex, drugs, love, consumerism, family, god, status, and society in general face relentless change and are unalike from everyone’s points of view. You can change
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People can go through a surgery and procedure to remove the eggs from the woman and get sperm from the man and through an intricate procedure you can make a baby. Nowadays, you can choose hair color, height, gender, and anything you want in a kid and you will get that baby, like ordering a pizza. There is no way in telling whether or not that the medically helped process to making babies is actually a leap forward or not. Some people would rather say that if you cannot bear children on your own that you are just not meant to and then you can adopt, but this ability has managed the science and medical community to help out families and has saved lives by creating babies to match older siblings who have illnesses like leukemia to help give cell transplants, organs, and blood. In Brave New World it is about creation and creating more people to surplus the population and just to create. Now in 2012, it is about creating and making a family, that is a big part of it but there is the reason of creating for a purpose a purpose to help and save. We have a balance here. Both worlds have the ability to pick and choose, create life from a test tube and have it thrive as a human being for the purpose needed. Whether or not it is about just having a kid, creating just another person, saving a life, or anything else, the ability is there and is present in both situations. Sex. It is as controversial as it

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