Essay about Comparison Between Book And Movie

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IV. Plot While the most of the story is the same between the book and movie, there are some differences in the movie which are for the better. In the book there are various Sisters and Boggs isn 't as important but in the movie he is the ring leader of the Sisters and is punished by Captain Hadley when Andy starts helping the guards with taxes. The movie also had Captain Hadley be the main guard through the whole movie and only have one Warden. The Warden also just resigns when Andy escapes in the book instead of his suicide when about to arrested in the movie. In the book Tommy just is moved to another prison when he finds out he can help get Andy free instead of being shot by Hadley and Brooks ' post-prison story is left out of the book. Finally, in the book there is more of a history on Shawshank and its prior escapees and the ending is changed where Red 's search for Andy 's money takes him awhile and it ends with him searching for Andy. I feel all the changes made in the movie are for the better since they help really put the 'Redemption ' in Shawshank Redemption and also gives a more fulfilling ending to the story. When we see Bogs, Hadley, and Warden Norton facing repercussions for their actions, it really feels like Andy had a redemption on Shawshank and really won in the end. The ending with Red meeting Andy on the beach in Mexico is a nice lighthearted moment that really wraps up the story and leaves us feeling happy. The inclusion of the Brooks scene of him…

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