Comparison Between Beowulf And Grendel Essay

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Society is an ever-changing being, it grows and modifies its ideals according to the what people want to see. In the age of the Anglo-Saxons, their people believed in the simple concept that people were either born good or evil and that evil people had no rationality for behaving evil. Modern society is the antithesis and demands reasoning behind a villain 's evil doings. The idea of good and evil is much more complex in the current age and we believe that no one is born evil, that there are always circumstances that alter someone 's personality. In the movie adaptation, Beowulf and Grendel (Gunnarsson, 2005), Grendel’s character is sympathized with to show how an audience expects complex backgrounds and developments for characters which contrast with simplistic duality that existed in 700 AD. In the epic Beowulf, (Seamus, 2000) translates the story in a way that shows very little character development of any of the characters. For instance, Beowulf is seen as this almighty, perfect warrior who could do no wrong. He automatically knew what, or who was evil and never questioned if there might be a reason why monsters behaved the way they did. In the first episode, Beowulf arrived at Geatland for the sole purpose of killing Grendel, the hideous troll that was terrorizing Herot. Although he claimed to not have arrived for riches, Beowulf did not refuse any of the lavish gifts that were bequeathed upon his men and himself from Hrothgar. Beowulf would not have entertained the…

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