Essay on Comparison Between Barbie And Ken

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Valeria Lukyanova could pass for a living Barbie doll; however, when you think about Barbie, Ken follows closely behind. Barbie and Ken may be the very first love story (between dolls, that is). Although there are several men who have gone under the knife to resemble this iconic doll, the most recognized human Ken doll is probably Justin Jedlica.
During an interview for OWN’s series, Where Are They Now? Jedlica opens up about how he came to be known as Ken. While Jedlica states that he never actually set out to look like Barbie’s Ken, in a 2012 interview, 20/20 referred to him as the ‘Human Ken Doll.’ In an interview with the Daily Beast, he admits that there are worse things in life than looking like Barbie’s man because when children play with Ken dolls, they assume that his features represent the way a handsome man should look. Jedlica makes it clear that he is not complaining about his nickname because the Ken doll phenomenon has been very positive for him. Jedlica says that his resemblance to Ken has given him a new purpose and a new career. He states that he will be called the Human Ken Doll forever.
Japanese anime manga was actually Jedlica’s inspiration for the numerous plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures he chose to endure. According to Jedlica, the characteristics of Japanese anime manga resemble an over-stylized, cartoon-like version of the human form.
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